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Shopping In Mysore

Wrapped in the traditionality and sophistication of modern life, Mysore, also known as the 'City of Palaces', is bountiful in every respect. It is the city where dawn has its own unique beauty while dusk comes in totally different fashion. From the Lansdowne Building to Gandhi Square to KR Circle to the city railway station, where Mysore warmly welcomes its visitors, all are just wonderful! Have you ever thought about an IT hub at such a traditional place? Well, to add on to your wonder, Mysore is no less than an extension of the Silicon Valley of India and is still growing and prospering in more than one ways! On your visit to Mysore, do not forget to have some of the unique alluring items from Mysore in your bag. Here, we are sharing information about some of such items, which you should shop from Mysore, to always have a sweet memory of the visit sealed in your heart! Here it goes!

Mysore Shopping

Mysore Silk

Much-revered Indian feminine attire, sari, is a mark of gracefulness and a reflection of the real beauty mankind can embrace. Silk sari of Mysore, having gold laced at the borders and the freely-left part is one of the famous items you can boast about at your home. Manufactured from the Government Silk Weaving Factory at Jhansi Lakshmibai Road, and also by several local weavers, the price-range of these saris varies according to the amount of gold in them. Other than saris, wide range of reliable Magutas and ties are also there to woo you. Buy some of these handy items from Mysore and fall in love with the elegance of the famous silk saris of Mysore.

Mysore Handicrafts
The wood-based handicraft items, made of primarily sandalwood, teakwood and rosewood are the other famous masterpieces of Mysore and will never let you forget the reminiscence of the aroma of Mysore. The city provides you with the number of sandalwood items including the idols of many demigods and demigoddesses, jewel-boxes, table-top items, different sizes of elephants and other small items suitable for gifting your loved ones. The best place to buy them is the Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium of the Karnataka Handicrafts Development Corporation, where you can trust for the quality and fair price.

Mysore Incense Sticks
After silk and handicrafts, Mysore is best associated with incense sticks, which make the entire atmosphere of home calm, peaceful and spiritual. There are many large and small vendors involved in the work of manufacturing incense sticks. Available in the packs of 10, 50 and 100 sticks these are primarily scented in jasmine and sandalwood etc and are used at the time of offering prayers to almighty in Hindu houses and temples. Many leading manufacturers have set up their own export centres in Mysore as well as in Bangalore. However, a number of local manufacturers supply it in the inner areas of the city. The prime brands are Cycle Brand, Vasu and Sugandh Shringar, selling these incense sticks in different fragrances.

Mysore Paintings
Originated around 1525 A.D., the mystical traditional painting works of Mysore are famous all over the world. These paintings are a unique blend of the basic 'gesso' work and traditional colours and use a real gold foil as base, making each distinctive from the rest. Famous deity of Goddess of Mysore Chamundeswari along with other traditional demigods is often the main subject of these paintings. You can find the Tanjore paintings embellished on cloth, wood or glass base as well as Ganjifa paintings, a class of miniature paintings. The popular painters of the city are M. Ramanarasaish and Raghupati Bhat. Must explore their unique collection!

The forests of Mysore are abundant in rosewood and teakwood which are utilised by the able artisans in inventing the excellent art works of various demigods, birds and animals. Explore these artefacts and embrace the talent of creativity and imagination of these native artificers of Mysore. The preferred choice of collectors, these items are found in varying sizes and prices to fit every one's pocket size.

Stone Carvings
Traditional sculptors of Mysore are expert in carving the figures of demigods and demigoddesses on stones which are often used in temples and on some very auspicious occasions. Most of these artisans have exhibited and won applauds for their art, both, at the state and national levels. Much of their work is exported outside the country, primarily for installation of deities in temples and religious centres. Have a visit to witness and buy these unbelievably astonishing stone cravings.

Musical Instruments
In today's complex, modernised and slapdash world, the city Mysore has protected its ancient traditional custom of musical instruments. A centre of classical South Indian music (Carnatic Music), Mysore is endowed with some well-qualified manufacturers of musical instruments. They produce a number of stringed instruments like Veena, Violin and Tamboori, drum instruments like Mridanga and Tabla etc. Adore their craftsmanship and innate traditional musical culture of India by trying out these instruments in Mysore.

Shopping Complexes
Mysore has number of shopping outlets with the presence of a number of brands. Take a tour to the shopping malls in Mysore and explore the variety of accessories, apparels and jewelleries. Mall of Mysore, Legacy Shopping Mall, and BM Habitat Mall will serve the purpose. Again, you can also visit Ashoka Road for discovering brand new designs in jewellery, BN Road for shopping some handy handicrafts and D Devaraja Urs Road to explore a variety of attires. You also have the option to send gifts to Mysore online for occasions such as Ugadi, Diwali, Christmas & New Year.

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